What does peace and diversity mean to a Student?

  NAME: DAVID NELSON SCHOOL: MASHIMONI SQUATTERS SECONDARY SCHOOL  ESSAY: PEACE AND DIVERSITY David Nelson winner of Garden of Hope Foundation essay writing competition.  peace and diversity are very essential components in our day to day life activities. You will totally agree with me that each and every individual in the country is [...]

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The effect of demonstration in the life of a student

“Teargas canisters were thrown outside our class room- Kibera student”. Willis is seen in this photo carrying one of his fellow studentsPhoto :Katie G. Nelson On May 23, 2016, chaos broke out in Kibera's Olympic area after the police allegedly barred local youth were allegedly from participating in a peaceful demonstration to evict [...]

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The Challenge

Each year we train 200 leaders who later join us for Internship or as volunteers. Many of them cannot join universities or colleges due to lack of adequate financing. We nurture the skills of these women and provide them with resources and give them leadership opportunities. Others have not identified their career paths and this [...]

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Most young women have great dreams, if you ask them what they look to pursue professionally, many them will mention careers like being a doctor, Pilot, Lawyers etc. what if they get an opportunity to be mentored while in school? What if they get a hands-on work-place experience on their profession? One on One Mentorship [...]

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Our Impact

Through our Leadership Project, Garden of Hope Foundation will help many students who cannot afford to attend university or college start their own businesses and save for school. It will also reduce the financial burden in their families. Equipped with information and experience learned from Garden of Hope Foundation, they can apply for jobs and [...]

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Our leadership Program

Garden of Hope's vision is to become the premiere youth leadership development organization in marginalized communities. Through our leadership and entrepreneurship programs, we aim to train students who finish high school, but do not have the ability to attend universities or colleges. Garden of Hope will also offer them internship opportunities, giving them various skills to carry with [...]

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