“The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.” Yoweri Museveni. Yoweri Musevni has lead Uganda as the president for 35 years. His election in 1986 inspired the west, hence he was celebrated among the new generation of African leaders. Today, the 76 years old African leader has “refused” to step down and allow a new generation of African leaders to take the mantle. In 2017, Uganda voted to scrap the presidents age limit, the constitutional amendment, which was spearheaded by Mr Museveni’s governing National Resistance Movement (NRM) which had majority in Parliament ensured that the bill passed with little opposition.

After 35 years in power, Museveni is facing probably the most difficult election period of his life. The youthful 38-year-old Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine is giving Mr. President sleepless nights. Bobi Wine has spent countless days in jail without charge, his convoy has been blocked from attending political rallies and at some point, he was under house arrest. Just recently, the military raided his home during a live radio interview with Hot96 radio in Kenya. All these was meant to discourage him from vying. Bobi Wine has remained unchanged. He has decided to fight till the end.

Should Ugandans elect Bobi Wine in the coming election, this will be a big win to all the African youth. Bob Wine’s election could shape the future of leadership in Africa. Throughout his election period, Bobi Wine has campaigned against corruption and youth unemployment making him the most ideal candidate among young people.

What can African Youth learn from Bob Wine’s resilience and determination?

Leadership is about personal sacrifice: Young people have been labelled as lazy. The fact that they do not want to go out of their way has left most African leaders to choose older people to lead key government agencies. Bob Wine is teaching us that as a young person, you need to sacrifice a lot in order to see the change you want.

Leadership is about resilience and determination. Bobi Wine has been discouraged many times. He is crossing the finishing line stronger and with more followers. All this is because of the fact that he refused to give up and bow to pressure. The heat was too much. This is a key lesson to youth, when the heat is too much, it is probably time to keep going.

Leadership is about taking the bold step and not fear: Very few Ugandan youth would have taken the initiative to compete against Yoweri Museveni, Bobi Wine is one of them. He has decided to take the bold step regardless of all the intimidations. This is the spirit of a youth leader.

Lastly, we hope for peaceful election in Uganda.