Menstrual hygiene management & the role of men

“Boys and men should be trained on menstruation and given accurate information on how they can better support women and girls in order to build better communities. Garden of Hope Foundation mentorship program does not shy away from training boys on menstruation and equipping them with necessary skills.

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Victor Odhiambo was born and raised in Kibera slum (East Africa’s largest slum). Growing up in the slum was not easy for him, facing challenges such as having to stay home for weeks because he did not have school fees and seeing his close friends being killed through mob justice. 

In 2012, he was invited by a friend to a children’s home in Kajiado, Kenya. During the visit, he experienced how women and girls face challenges during their menstruation, this was after one girl confessed to his friend that she wanted to exchange sex for menstrual pads.

These realities challenged Victor to do something for his community, not only in Kibera where he grew up, but also in other parts of Kenya where underprivileged children, women, girls and youth are facing many challenges.
Victor Odhiambo (Co-Founder and Executive Director, Garden of Hope Foundation) was interviewed on Menstrual Hygiene Management and the role of men
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