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Mentorship Program

Mentorship aims at equipping young boys and girls with basic life skills that would enable them handle their daily challenges and make healthy choices in their lives. We implement the following projects under the program:

One on one mentorship

This focuses on pairing mentors with students(mentees) to help them have an in-depth discussion around issues affecting their lives and future careers in order to develop a clear action plan.

Scholarship project

This project aims at keeping students from poor backgrounds in school as well as improving their academic performance.

Group mentorship

This consists of a group being mentored in one session. It allows for different ideas to be shared among the members of the program and provides unique advice to the mentees.

Peer education project

Works with adolescent boys and girls to strenghten their knowledge and skills in three areas. personal development, sexuality and communication.

Menstrual hygiene

Aims at providing education on menstrual hygiene and distribution of sanitary towels to women and girls in rural and urban areas.