What does peace and diversity mean to a Student?


David Nelson winner of Garden of Hope Foundation essay writing competition.

Peace and diversity are very essential components in our day to day life activities. You will totally agree with me that each and every individual in the country is behind peace. Peace on the other hand cannot be successful without diversity. Diversity can be defined as the understanding that each and every individual is unique. On the other hand peace is the existence of harmony among individuals. Their importance is crystal clear portrayed on the next paragraph.

Diversity aims in the recognition of our individual differences at various instances; let us say for example our social status. Because the gap between the rich and the poor is continue to increase on daily basis, diversity helps to reduce that gap by giving each individual the understanding that he or she is unique from the other. On the other hand peace ensures that they will not quarrel but live together in harmony.

Peace and diversity are also very significant for the growth of the country. Without peace no one will be thinking about work because of phobia that they may be attacked while performing their tasks. Moreover, many people will get killed which leads to decrease of workers in various places. Public resources are also destroyed during fights or quarrels. Thus, the economy relies mostly on peace and diversity.
Peace and diversity rely mostly on the political status. Many groups of people have their own leader whom they like by heart to be their leader. Most people are influenced by their political leaders to engage themselves in conflicts. This idea comes when politicians practice hate speech about other tribes or candidate. Therefore, political parties should be the first role models to show people the importance of peace and diversity.
Another instance is where ethnicity is practiced. When ethnic groups engage themselves in a conflict because of their different understanding of diversity they will obviously engage in a fight which is very hazardous to others who are innocent. To add on that, the conflict would spread to the other parts of the country hence destroying peace. Let us not be blinded by the saying that if you wish for peace prepare for war. We can solve our differences in a more appropriate and civilized way without engaging innocent individuals.

Let us not quarrel about our religious differences. With peace and diversity among citizens every individual will love everyone even if they do not belong to the same religious group. Leaders in the various worship places should embrace this two in the worship places. Thus, every individual will interact freely with other individuals without fear.
In conclusion, peace proceeds from our deeper understanding of our diversity which is of great importance for mutual co-existence.

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