Call For Coaches

Calling ICF Certified Coaches in Kenya: Empower Students through Coaching and Leadership!

Are you a passionate ICF-certified coach who believes in the power of coaching and wants to make a positive impact on the next generation? Here’s your chance to join an inspiring partnership between the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Garden of Hope Foundation in Kenya!

Opportunity Overview:

We are excited to invite ICF-certified coaches in Kenya to collaborate with us on a transformative journey. Together with the International Coaching Federation, we are seeking enthusiastic coaches to provide guidance, coaching, and leadership to 50 talented university /college students in Kenya. The purpose of this partnership is to provide students in  Kenya with the opportunity to learn coaching skills, consider coaching as a profession, and gain access to ICF through our member resource groups (MRG)


Why Volunteer?

  • Empower Young  Leaders: As an ICF-certified coach, your expertise can shape the lives of these students, enabling them to develop crucial life skills and leadership qualities.
  • Give Back to the Community: This is a unique opportunity to contribute your skills and knowledge to uplift your community and foster positive change.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with fellow coaches, professionals, and passionate individuals who share your commitment to personal and societal growth.


  • ICF Affiliation: We’re looking for coaches who are International Coaching Federation (ICF) Members of good standing and are dedicated to upholding its standards of excellence.
  • Passion for Empowerment: If you have a genuine passion for empowering young leaders and helping them discover their potential, we want you on our team!
  • Commitment: Your commitment will involve coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as potential workshops and events. A willingness to invest time and effort is essential. We expect you to invest in at least five (5) 1-hour coaching sessions over 6 months

Join Us:

If you’re ready to contribute your coaching skills and be a beacon of inspiration for young minds, we invite you to be a part of this incredible partnership.

How To Apply:

Send an email expressing your interest to with the subject line: “ICF Coach Volunteer Application.” Please include your full name, contact information, ICF certification details, and a brief paragraph explaining why you’re excited to be a part of this initiative.

Application Deadline: 25th September 2023

Let’s come together to create a brighter future for these university students. Your coaching and leadership can be the catalyst for their success. Join hands with the International Coaching Federation and the Garden of Hope Foundation today!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi