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    Ruth Mwangi

    Ruth Mwangi has worked to design, test and coordinate numerous projects within the slums and villages of Kenya since 2004, such as: Bridge International Academies where she has helped improve the academic performance of students across 215 schools in Kenya. She has helped pioneer various girl-child initiatives that have so far ensured over 1,500 teenage girls have free access to sanitary-ware every month. Ruth is on the Board of Directors at Grassroots Economics where she leads the foundation in programming, strategy and operations. As a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow and Finalist of the 2016 Echoing Green Fellowship, Ruth has had the opportunity to lead, train and direct numerous groups, conferences and events; works that have well been recognized by global organizations such as the One Young World, where she has twice been selected to represent Kenya. She is currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Business Management – BABM (Hons) at the University of Sunderland. Her strengths and interests lie in Strategic Management, Public Relations and Corporate Governance. Ruth’s vision is to overcome poverty and the flaws of the economic crisis in our society.

        Doug Anderson

        Doug Anderson currently serves as Pastor of Community Outreach at Christian Community Chapel in New Jersey. He is passionate about seeing communities made whole, and works to help people discover their gifts and provide them with opportunities to serve their community. He earned a M.A. from Asuza Pacific University and a B.A. from Pillar College. He enjoys traveling, trying different kinds of food, and lots of laughter.