Victor Odhiambo  was born and raised in Kibera slum (East Africa’s largest slum). Growing up in the slum was not easy for him, facing challenges such as having to stay home for weeks because his parents could not afford schools fees to seeing his close friend being killed through mob justice.  In addition, through a visit to a children’s home,  Victor noticed how women and girls face challenges during their menstruation. Victor, encountered women and girls who did not have menstrual products to use during their menses or even information on how to manage their menses.  These realities encouraged Victor to do something for his community, not only in Kibera where he grew up, but also in some part of Kenya where adolescent and youth are facing these challenges.

In 2014, Victor met Douglas Anderson then a visiting student. Victor, shared with Douglas about his zeal to transform his community. It was then that Garden of Hope Foundation was born. Since 2014, Garden of Hope Foundation has supported adolescent and youth from Kibera, Samburu, Kajidao, Kitui and Kisumu with an aim of expanding to other part of Kenya. Garden of Hope Foundation has grown from only 1 program to 3 programs, supporting only 30 girls with menstrual products and information to over 10,000 youth and adolescent. Garden of Hope Foundation currently run the following program.

  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship. 
  • Mentorship.
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.