The Founder

My name is Victor Odhiambo. I am a Christian, first born in a family of 5, and I grew up in Kibera, the second largest urban slum in Africa.  Growing in Kibera, life was tough. I keenly remember spending months at home because my parents could not afford to pay my school fees or even basic school needs. Not being able to attend school, however, is not just a story that belongs to me, but to many who grow up in Kibera.  Fortunately, God sent a generous, open-hearted individual who would later pay all of my high school and college fees.

Many young people in the slums who have great dreams never achieve them because of poverty or broken families. You could be instrumental in making their dreams possible today! GARDEN OF HOPE FOUNDATION‘s vision is to become the premiere youth leadership development organization in marginalized communities.

Through our leadership, development and entrepreneurship programs, we aim to train students who finish high school, but who do not have the ability to attend universities or colleges. Garden of Hope also offers them internship opportunities, giving them various skills to carry with them throughout their lives.

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